Covid-19 Management

A Business Solution Across All IndustriesVpass empowers you to make timely, informed decisions and avoid costly disruptions with our fast, accurate, easy to use system.Take a look inside

Covid-19 Management and Detection SolutionFocus on making business decisions and let our solutions safeguard your health and safety of your workers at the premises.Step by step guide

How It Works

Restoring Confidence during the Pandemic

Get Tested

Order V200 Rapid Test Kits and begin testing employees at premises.

Get Vpass

Apply Vpass and utilise our free enterprise dashboard for monitoring.

Get Going

Protect, track and oversee your environment’s health efficiently and effectively.

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Get COVID-19 Testing Result in just 15 minutes

  • Just saliva, paint-free for frequent testing
  • 100% specificity, 99.03% accuracy and 96.3 sensitivity
  • Developed in Oxford, UK and assembled in Malaysia
  • Unique ID for irreplicable result generation
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COVID-19 Testing Made Easy

  • Facilitate COVID-19 self testing
  • Validate and record the COVID test result with AI-Powered application
  • Secure proof of an individual’s COVID-19 testing record and negative test results

Getting Back to Business

Vpass is designed as a proactive approach towards restoring the economy and safeguarding health of employees. Our solution can help track, detect and mitigate the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

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Oversee Staff's Vpass Status in Real-Time

  • Unique ID for each test kit to avoid fraud
  • Checking staff’s Vpass Validity
  • Trigger potential threat notification via email

AxialHealth Vpass App

Get results on your phone in just 1 minute!

Negative results for first 24 hours

Safe to carry out close proximity activities while complying to SOPs set by DHSC.

Negative results after 24 hours

Safe for activities in ventilated areas while complying to SOPs set by the DHSC.

Vpass App

Has symptoms but test negative

Advised to stay home. Retake test to confirm health status again the following day.

Tested Positive for COVID-19

Stay home and self-isolate if symptoms are minor. Seek medical attention if conditions worsen.

With Vpass

Protect, Track and Oversee Your Team’s Health

Vpass enables you to make timely, informed decisions and avoid costly disruptions with a quick, accurate, and easy-to-use system.

Unique user ID

Unique user ID for each test kit to avoid fraud

Vpass Validity

Track and trace employees’ Vpass Validity

Trigger potential threat

Trigger potential threat notification via email


Automate employees’ health management and test results


Grouping features for departments, divisions or work shifts


Privacy and data security assured.

Free Download

Getting Back To Normal

Vpass enables you to record and share your COVID-19 screening result with your friend and families. It is a comprehensive AI powered test and track app to support your COVID-19 testing, and a total solution that goes beyond Covid-19 infection detection.

Partner with Vpass to reduce Covid-19 transmission

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